Product Description

Diver 6 by Dab is a 6 inch multi-impeller submersible pump for clean water, designed for pressurization, reuse of rainwater, gardening and irrigation in residential building service. Diver 6 is ideal for use in rainwater recovery systems and for lifting water from a cistern or a tank to be used, for example, to water the garden or vegetable garden without using the water from the aqueduct. Available in automatic or manual version. The automatic version is a single-phase pump with float switch for protection against dry running. It does not require a control panel, the starting capacitor and overheating thermal protection are integrated in the motor. Equipped with carrying handle, stainless steel debris filter, non-return valve, and power cable with Schuko plug. The pump was redesinged to further increase reliability and handling.
Flow rate maximum From 1 m3/h to 5,4 m3/h
Head up to 46 m
Maximum immersion depth 12 m
Pump maximum diameter 150 mm
Impeller/s material Technopolymer
Maximum number of starts 20/h
Motor insulation class IP 68
Single phase power input 230 V 50 Hz
Power cable (m) and plug 15 m H07RNF with power plug
Possible type of installation Fixed or portable in vertical position