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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading low voltage Electrical switchgear manufactures and electrical service provider in Pakistan with our offices in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and manufacturing & repairing facility workshop based in Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore.

we are specialist in manufacturing of low voltage switchgear panels, manufacturing of booster pump sets, repairing & Installation of all kinds of motors, pumps, heat and chill pumps, heaters, air coolers, water treatment products, All swimming pool & Jacuzzi products.

The switch gear components used in the panels are of various international brands such as ABB, Schneider, Dorman Smith, Eaton-Cutler Hammer, Legrand, Controls, Hager, Siemens, MKS Germany, Franko, Omran, Lovatto, LS, etc. Every panel manufactured by us are properly tested through various parameters like ASTA standards, Flash test, Primary Injection test, Megger test and Secondary Injection test etc

The good infrastructure of the company has enabled us to organize material resources, equipment and labor to execute any major projects and capable of doing the maintenance for the same. Infrastructure also includes a team of experienced sales and marketing personnel backed up with well qualified design and production group.

Metron has today earned a name in today’s market, which proudly enables us to meet any customers, all requirements and queries.

We are successfully manufacturing, Installing and Commissioning following panels.

  • Main Distribution Boards
  • Sub Main Distribution Boards
  • Final Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Panels
  • Pump Control Panels
  • VFD Control Panels
  • HVAC Control Panels
  • Power Factor Improvement Panels
  • Generator synchronizing & Control Panels
  • Capacitor Banks with Harmonic Filters
  • Soft Starter Panels
  • Meter Cabinets
  • AHU Panel
  • Manual / Automatic Change Over Panels
  • EPS Cutting Machines
  • Remote Control Systems
  • Swimming Pool, Fountain & Irrigation Panel Boards
Main Distribution Boards

Power Distribution is a system, consisting of a Main Distribution Board (MDB), Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) and Final Distribution Boards, by which the electrical energy is transmitted via branches to reach the exact end user.

An MDB is a panel or enclosure that houses the fuses, circuit breakers and ground leakage protection units where the electrical energy, which is used to distribute electrical power to numerous individual circuits or consumer points, is taken in from the transformer or an upstream panel. An MDB typically has a single or multiple incoming power sources and includes main circuit breakers and residual current or earth leakage protection devices. A MDB is comprised of a free standing enclosure, a bus bar system, MCCB’s, metering and support equipments and required current transformers. Panels are assembled in a systematic manner such as incomer section and outgoing section.

Sub Main Distribution Boards

The MDB then feeds SMDBs, which is installed generally at the point where a large distribution cable terminates and several smaller sub-circuits start. These are the switchboards that although similar construction, are larger than a final distribution board circuit. The boards are installed midway through the power distribution system, at the point in a large distribution cable ends, and several smaller starting sub-circuits.

Final Distribution Boards

A Final Distribution Board (FDB) is an assembly of protective devices, including two or more fuses or circuit breakers, arranged for the distribution of electrical energy to the final circuits. It consists of a suitable enclosure containing suitable facilities for mounting fuses and/or circuit breakers and other protective devices (such as residual current circuit breakers/devices which may, or may not, provide integral overcurrent protection) and other switching and control devices. An FDB will also contain ‘busbars’ for interconnecting the circuit breakers or fuses along with neutral and earth bars for connecting the incoming and outgoing neutral conductors and protective conductors. This enclosure may be either all insulated type or metal clad construction

Motor Control Panels

Designed to your specific requirements

We have the experience to design motor control centers and control panels to your specific requirements. Utilizing soft start units, variable speed drives, (Inverters), PLC’s, interfacing with instrumentation and providing telemetry.

Pump Control Panels

pump control panels and starters are made with current sensing technology so they provide accurate and reliable protection to motor of any horse power rating.


  • Microcontroller based software Technology
  • Model to suit every single / three phase range
  • Calibrated Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter
  • Electrical safety from all electrical fault
Manual / Automatic Change Over Panels

In the event of a power outage, our changeover panels are designed to transfer the supply to an emergency backup supply, either manually or automatically depending on the need of the application. Manufactured from 16A up to and including 4000A. If you require more information, submit an enquiry and one of our design engineers will contact you shortly.

VFD Control Panels

Sometimes your work space is dusty, dirty, wet, humid, corrosive, or hot. In those harsh environments, you cannot just mount your VFD exposed. You need a VFD Control panel – an enclosure that protects the VFD and other electric components.

What is a VFD control panel used for?

Keeping all components in one panel

Keeping dust, dirt, and weather out of electrical parts

A complete motor control solution (bypass, harmonic filtering, etc.)

HVAC Control Panels

Our pre-assembled HVAC Control Panels help system integrators streamline the installation process and reduce unnecessary costs associated with manual field assembly.

Power Factor Improvement Panels

Automatic Power factor correction panel. APFC panels for low voltage applications. Automatic Power factor correction panel is fully automatic in operation and can achieve desired power factor under fluctuating load conditions

Soft Starter Panels

A soft start panel is a control system that reduces the amount of torque delivered to the power train of an AC electric motor. In an electric application, the soft starter temporarily reduces the current input or voltage. It can also affect how the motor receives power through the electrical circuit. In pump applications soft start panels are valued because they ward off pressure surges. The soft start panel can be electrical or mechanical or both. A clutch, fluid drive, shot coupling or other devices may be used as soft start panels. These starts offer ultimate protection and light load energy efficiency.

New Building Projects

Metron provides reliable and professional electrical services with top-notch electrical products and quality workmanship at newly construction multistory buildings and Industries.

Project Site Services.

  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Retrofits
  • Lighting Controls
  • Transformers
  • Emergency Power
  • Energy Management
  • Emergency Electrical Services
  • Emergency Exit Violations
  • Fire Violations
  • Troubleshooting Breakers and Fuses
  • Power Outlets
  • Power Surge Suppressors
  • Lighting Control
  • Emergency Lighting Violations.
  • Lightening Protection.
Metron’s Repairing and Maintenance Unit
  • Rewinding of All Type Motors, Transformers
  • Repairing of All Kinds Of Pumps & Motors
  • Repairing of Generators, Welding Machines
  • Repairing of Industrial & Power Tools
  • Repairing of Heat-chill Pumps And Pool Heaters
  • Repairing of Crane Motors & Systems
  • All Types of Industrial Works
  • Repairing of Steam Generators & Sauna Heaters
  • Repairing of Chemical Dosing System
  • Repairing – all types of Compressors
  • Making of Motor Cover Sleeves
  • All types of Lathe Works
  • Repairing Works of Grooving Machines
  • Repairing of Cable Cutting Machines
  • Overhauling Works
  • Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting Works
Electrical Equipment Installation Works
  • Electrical Work, Switches, Sockets, DB Checking and Servicing
  • Light Fixture, Cabling Management, Arrangement of cable under of all workstation
  • All Electrical faults maintenance, repairing and new wiring installations
  • Overhauling Works

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