Fire and Smoke Curtains

Architectural fire zones and smoke zones are one of the most important factors preventing a fire from building around the building from splashing onto other parts of the building. The most appropriate methods for creating fire and smoke zones in terms of aesthetics and architecture are;

  • Fire Percentage
  • Smoke Percentage


In principle, the fire and smoke curtains in the passive fire protection system group generally move in the vertical plane, but there are also horizontal or curvilinear types depending on the architectural scheme and building characteristics. Heat and smoke are blocked and only used for the trapping of the fire area.

Fire and smoke curtains supplied by Metron International British and USA

Fire Hydrants Systems in Pakistan

manufacturers, are produced with a resistance of up to 240 minutes in BS and UL test standards and have a weight of 450 – 700 gr / m2. Curtain fabrics are produced from steel and fiber raw materials and have all international certifications.

Fire and smoke curtains activated by the signal from the fire detection systems have architectural concerns because they are closed and wounded in normal working time, with vital importance in creating fire and smoke zones. They can be integrated into existing fire detection and detection systems. Therefore, thanks to the necessary modules, depending on the fire scenario to be created, the smoke and fire curtains at the desired location will be activated and thus the safety of life and property will be maximized. In addition to the detection systems, they can also be activated manually by the user, if desired, thanks to the manual buttons mounted on the curtains.

Especially during escape and evacuation, they are the best solution for securing escape routes and ensuring the safety of life. It is very common to use in shopping centers, industrial facilities, road tunnels, office buildings, storage areas.

The maintenance and servicing of all the fire curtains imported Metron International from England, Spain and USA is also one of the only measures of Metron’s is made by authorized personnel and is kept under registration. We also guarantee the operability of fire and smoke curtains with real-time tests that we perform periodically.


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