Fire Cabinets

Fire cabinets are one of the most important tools for small-scale fires that are in the growth phase and are still capable of being extinguished by manual intervention. The ergonomic structure of the pulley and the rubber properties of the hoses make it suitable for both amateur and educated personnel.

There are fire cabinets designed for the use of amateur personnel in the building, as well as variants designed for trained personnel.

All installation and procurement procedures of the fire cabinets, which are the most important means of providing manual intervention to the fire, are presented to the customers by Metron International.

Fire Cabinets in Pakistan

The flow and pressure values ​​of the fire cabinets, which are considered to be applied in line with the needs, are evaluated in accordance with NFPA13 standards by experienced Metron. engineers use UL approved software for hydraulic calculation.

Due to some differences in the NFPA13 and TS EN 12845 standards, the pressure and flow rates required from fire cabinets can vary considerably and this can lead to design differences. Metron Fire Safety Systems engineering department, which has a high standard of standard knowledge, can provide relevant solutions to its customers and confirm them with hydraulic calculations in accordance with the appropriate specifications and regulations.

Installation, maintenance and service of fire cabinets according to EN 671-2 standards, which are suitable for amateur users and which meet the TS EN 671-1 standards and are suitable for educated personnel, are made by experienced field personnel in Metron International

Fire cabinets that can be used to extinguish possible fires in any enclosed area are 2 “and can be supplied in different types, if required, in local regulations and specification lights.

If desired, designs of fire cabinets that have architectural aesthetics, elegant appearance, space or appearance of the space, which can pre-screen the aesthetic concerns of the customers and appeal to the customers, can be supplied depending on the customer’s demands.

In addition to the water type fire cabinets, foam fire cabinets can also be provided as a solution in the direction of the project needs and specifications, taking into account the site characteristics.

All fire cabinets are serviced and experienced by experienced Metron is made by the staff in accordance with the standards.


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