Fire Hydrants Systems

Fire hydrant systems are one of the most important means of intervening in developed fires. Fire hydrant systems provide vital preventive measures in terms of fire extinguishing.

The environmental fire hydrant system is required for buildings and areas with a floor area greater than 5000 square meters, in accordance with the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fireplaces of Pakistan. Metron International, aware of the principle of fire intervention by the environmental hydrant system, advises the firm that it is doing its consultation, absolutely for the buildings that are smaller than this value and are dangerous.

Metron’s All the equipment of the environmental hydrant systems which are imported, assembled, designed, projected, supervised, maintained and serviced by the company have internationally approved approvals.

Fire Hydrants Systems in Pakistan

The designs of the environmental hydrant systems are in line with the TS EN 12845, Pakistan’s Fire Regulations such as Civil Defense, Insurance Association,  FPAP and NFPA13 standards and the flow – pressure values ​​are calculated in accordance with these standards.

Depending on the minimum temperature values ​​where the fire hydrant system will be installed, hydrant types are selected and presented to the customer for use in this way.

The values ​​indicated by the standards are confirmed by FM approved UL listed approved hydraulic calculation programs and all project settings are made according to these calculations.

In the frame of aesthetic concerns in accordance with customer needs, hydrant selection and supply can be made in different designs and species.

Fire hydrant systems, which can be used in places where foamed extinguishing systems are applied together with water quenching systems, can be used in most areas except fire class D and E and can be an effective tool for fire extinguishing and Fire Hydrant system is most popular fire extinguishing fixed install system in Pakistani Industrial sector.

Maintenance of the hydrants, which are in many uses and in an idle state, is very important. Therefore, as with all fire protection systems, environmental hydrant systems require vital maintenance to be carried out with complete and standardized periods. Attention should be paid to the lack of lances, hoses and other materials, especially in hydrant cabinets located beside the hydrants. Replacement material should be supplied in case of any deficiency.

Turnkey solutions for all side hydrant systems, Metron International and customer needs are maximized.

Metron Keep most of the useful material in stock which use in Fire Hydrant systems Installations.

Such as…

  • Pillar Fire Hydrants, Wet Barrel.
  • Pillar Fire Hydrants Dry Barrel.
  • All type and sizes of Landing Valves.
  • Internal Fire Hose Reels and Hose Racks.
  • Breaching Inlets (Fire Department Connections) 2 way and 4 way.
  • Ductile Iron Gate Valves, suitable underground and overground installations.
  • Carbon Steel seamless Pipe and but weld Fittings, Flanges, Tees, Bends, Reducers Etc.
  • Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe and related Fittings.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe and Fittings.

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