Foam Suppression System

Water quenching systems are suitable for quenching most of the fire, but they are either ineffective or unsuitable for extinguishing in areas where flammable liquids are stored or produced.

The most effective extinguishing system for extinguishing the spaces containing flammable liquids is foam extinguishing systems. Such systems, where special foams are used as the extinguishing agent, are the only alternative for some installations.

Foam extinguishing systems, which are the most effective extinguishing systems for extinguishing B class fires, are designed by Metron International in one hand, are assembled and maintained and serviced within the maintenance contracts of the systems.

Foam Suppression System in Pakistan

Hydraulic calculations of foam extinguishing systems imported from Italy, Germany and USA are made according to the NFPA11, NFPA16 and NFPA30 standards, TS EN 12845 standards and FM approved, UL Listed approved programs are used as hydraulic calculation software. With all these standards, NFPA 409 Standard On Aircraft Hangars standards are taken into consideration, especially when aircraft and helicopter hangars are extinguished. The calculations made in the hydraulic calculation programs by the segregation of the separately available foam extinguishing systems also provide the closest results to the user by hassling the foam agent friction coefficients.

Foam concentrations, foam agents and foam water solutions applied with special systems such as foam sprinkler systems nozzles, foam generators, foam chambers, foam monitors, etc., play an active role in the extinguishing of flammable and flammable liquid based fires.


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