Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

In large kitchens with large industrial and industrial structures, the fire hazard is greater than in other places. The fires that can occur especially in the stoves and ovens have great risks. This makes fire protection of kitchen hoods essential.

Metron’s. kitchen hood fire extinguishing systems supplied from abroad are UL approved, and all system members have international approvals.

The systems detect the fire in the quarry or oven area by means of the melt wire and extinguish the fire by discharging the chemical extinguisher liquid in the oven through the related nozzle nozzles. Depending on the size of the oven or oven, the number of nozzles and types vary. The extinguishment of the fire in this region is important in order not to spread the fire to the whole

Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems in Pakistan

structure and it will grow very rapidly with the presence of fire, oil and similar substances that can come out here and will affect all the kitchen in a short time. The next step is to make the fire bounce to other parts of the structure and threaten the safety of life and property. Therefore, kitchen hood fire extinguishing systems are important to avoid all these scenarios.

Educational practices are very common in places such as restaurants, restaurants in high-rise commercial establishments, hospitals, healthcare establishments, shopping malls kitchens, industrial kitchens. These systems, which operate automatically, can also be monitored from the main fire alarm panel in line with their needs and are recognized early by the relevant personnel.

Maintenance in kitchen hood extinguishing systems is as important as the right design. Especially often the polluted environment conditions have the effect of enhancing the fire spread. The oil that accumulates on the surface of the hood has a fire-enhancing effect. Therefore, the cleanliness of the systems together with the maintenance should also be of high importance.

Maintenance work of the kitchen hood fire extinguishing systems designed and projected by authorized engineers of Metron International is also done and recorded by our experienced teams in our company. Maintenance intervals are reduced in line with customer needs, and the maintenance frequency is increased and regular controls are made.

All of the systems can be procured from abroad as well as from domestic producers in terms of customer requirements and specifications.


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